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Muscle NogTM is a giant step forward for egg protein in the sport nutrition industry.

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Front door access to the best, most nutritionally complete egg protein powder blend in the Milky Way!



A unique marriage of technology and nature.

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Eggs are considered a nutrionally complete food with an impeccable amino acid profile. Egg protein is most exciting for several reasons.

ONE. It is highly bioavailable. In fact in its natural form, egg protein is 100% bioavailable. That means that every bit of protein you spend your hard earned money on is being used for your specific nutritional goals. Nothing is wasted.

TWO. The natural amino acid profile is outstanding. Egg white protein is referred to as "nutritionally complete" and "a high quality protein for humans". According to the USDA, one whole egg contains 1.7 grams of essential amino acids. The protein composition of an egg contains all 20 proteinogenic amino acids for protein synthesis, and because of its high bioavailability, this means that the protein you are consuming is more likely to be converted into muscle tissue then passed through and wasted.

THREE. Egg white protein (in certain forms – i.e. Muscle Nog) is instantly absorbed by the body and passes through your digestive tract at a much slower rate than some other proteins, such as whey. Nutrient timing is essential in anyone's fitness goals. It's not what you eat, it's when you eat it. Get Nogged before you go to bed and also with breakfast and you'll be crushing your nutrition and fitness goals while the rest of the world is cracking, separating, cooking, peeling, eating, cleaning and frantically trying to keep up.

Muscle Nog is a giant step forward for egg protein in the sport nutrition industry. Why? Because we are the FIRST to introduce a nutritionally complete, 100% bioavailable egg protein powder.

Every other egg protein powder currently on the market is spray dried junk. Spray drying is performed at close to 400 degrees F., which is well above the temperature that eggs begin to denature. At 400 degrees F. nutritional and bioavailable components are destroyed.

Spray dried powders are not completely soluble, only 80% bioavailable, and taste terrible. Muscle Nog is NOT made with spray dried egg. We use a proprietary process to slowly pull water from liquid eggs without ever heating it above a temperature that harms its integrity. What we have left after taking the liquid egg through this gentle process is a nutritionally complete, fully soluble, delicious egg white crystal with the same nutritional content, biological value, and bioavailability as it had when it left the shell. Muscle Nog is the first of its kind on the planet. We stand alone at the top and invite you to join us.

Get Nogged!

I think it is safe to assume that eating 5-7 smaller meals a day has trumped all other diet plans in the sport nutrition world. Keeping your body fed the right way and keeping it fed consistently keeps you lean, keeps you strong, keeps you built, and keeps you alive! The hardest part for those looking to make a physical change or to keep up with a change is to stay on top of their diet.

Preparing meals everyday becomes a burden and when something becomes difficult you have a recipe for disaster. Living in a fast pace convenient world has become a standard of living, so when something doesn't fit in that equation, it is often discarded. Muscle Nog is THE most convenient way to consume eggs and to keep eggs a part of your diet plan and daily regimen. Cracking, separating, cooking, peeling, eating, and cleaning can add hours and hours of work to your fitness year. Time is money and there is no reason you should waste both on inferior products.

Nog is designed for those on the go, and the most active people in the world. Bodybuilders. Athletes. Nutrionists. Those looking to lose weight and gain lean mass, and those looking to be stonger, healthier, and happier. Muscle Nog is convenience in a jug. Forget the breakfast of champions…try the breakfast of gods!

Muscle Nog is more than a product. It's proven history in a jug. It's what science has referred to as "The Gold Standard" in nutritionally complete proteins.

To Get Nogged is more than consuming a product. It's about making history. Creating a mark. A Legacy. It's what our community sees as "The Gold Standard" in bodybuilding and fitness physiques.

Being Nogged isn't only about what you put in, but what you get out! Being Nogged means Strength and Nobility. Commitment. Consistency. Caring and Loving. Giving and Receiving. Teaching and Learning. Humility and Pride. Wanting. Fighting. Burning The Ships. Onward. Upward. Never Giving In, Letting Up, or Letting Go of who you are at the core. But most of all...Being Nogged is about being A Creator. Building. Growing. Never settling. Inspiring. Understanding that your limitations today are tomorrow's baseline.

Muscle Nog is under the watchful eye of genuine people wanting to help others obtain genuine results. The men behind the curtain on this project are a unique combination of gym rats, micro-biologists, scientists, formulators, artists, creators, industry experts, and lovers of life. Muscle Nog is the brain-child of Charlie Mitchell. Charlie is the pre-dominant voice and face of the company but is NOT without support of other experts. To get a little insight into the mind of Charlie we encourage you to follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and The Nog Blog.

We appreciate your interest in us and in our products. We are committed to bringing the highest quality protein blends and sport nutrition products to the market. We value you as a customer and as a voice. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, concerns, feedback, and support. And as always, Get Nogged! Stay Nogged!



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